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Connect with the people and places that you hear about on NPR by joining KUER's "Citizens of the World" Travel Program. Experience UNESCO World Heritage conservation sites, learn about the historical significance of places traveled and immerse yourself in the food, language and culture of travel destinations throughout the world.

KUER presents Collette Vacations Rediscover Cuba - A Cultural Exploration July 22 – 30, 2012.


Trinidad ● Pottery Class ● Cienfuegos ● Bay of Pigs Museum ● Havana ● La Cabaña Castle ● Maqueta de la Ciudad de La Habana Museum ● Guanabacoa ● Cuban Fine Arts Museum ● Ernest Hemingway Home ● Casa Fuster

For more information contact Collette Vacations(877) 872-4331 or Download more details here as a .pdf file.

Be sure to check back for announcements about future adventures. For more information about KUER's "Citizens of the World" Travel Program, please call Susan Kropf at (801) 581-6742.

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  • Grand Egyptian Odyssey: a voyage of discovery!
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  • Mediterranean Sea Cruise with NPR's Diane Rehm (2007)
  • The Galapagos Islands (2008)
  • Egypt (2008)