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CDs and Copies

Here's how to obtain copies:


Transcripts of KUER News productions are not available at this time.

RadioWest and locally produced Stories

All stories and programs produced by KUER News are available on CD. CDs are $10.00 each. To purchase a story or program, you can call Elaine Clark at 801-581-7781 and pay by credit card, or you can mail a check payable to KUER to:

Elaine Clark
KUER 90.1
101 S Wasatch Dr
Salt Lake City UT 84112

When sending in a check, please be sure to mention the RadioWest show number or the name and date of the story you wish to purchase. Please also include the address to which you would like the CD sent. Free dubs can be made for use in classrooms or for other educational purposes: just e-mail your request to Elaine Clark. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your RadioWest CD(s).

Network News and Music Programs

Programs from NPR and PRI have varying policies and procedures for obtaining tapes and transcripts. For information, go to "programs," scroll down to the part of the program schedule that shows the program you're looking for, then click on that program. You'll be linked to that program's website, where you should be able to find tape and transcript information for that particular program. NPR's main tapes and transcripts number is 877-NPR-TEXT.

Local Music Programs

CDs and transcripts of our local music programs are not available, due to legal restrictions. You can search our online database of playlists here, or call 801-581-6625 and ask to speak to the host of the program on which you heard the piece.